Flexible FishProtector

-  Horizontally tensioned steel cables with motion hydraulics

Perfect Fish Guidance

-  Long Widths (up to 100 m)
-  Upgrading of Medium and Large HPPs
-  Cleaning by Relaxing the Cables
-  Pilot Project Leinau in Kaufbeuren (Wertach River in Germany)

Fixed Fish Protector

-  Horizontally tensioned steel cables in rectangular frames
-  Fish Protection
-  Solution for low cleaning requirements
-  e.g. spatial front boxes for existing intakes
-  First project in Italy (2021)


Bar Screen FishProtector

-  Additional electrodes fixed on vertical or horizontal bars
-  Fish Protection
-  Equipment or retrofitting of fixed conventional screens (Preventing fine screens)
-  Successful tests in 2020
-  First project in Switzerland in 2021