Results of the first operational tests at the Leinau FishProtector in October 2020

Pilot Plant Leinau

The FishProtector was successfully installed at the Leinau hydro power plant at the end of September.

It took only three days to mount the cables and attached tensioning mechanism. First checks were performed before the channel was flooded.

The commissioning of the system (FishProtector and hydro power screw) is planned for December 2020.







Picture 1:  FishProtectors mounted in channel

Picture 2: Total height of barrier: 2,5 m using 40 cables

Picture 3: Mounting on the right bank

Picture 4 left: Mounting on the left bank

Picture 4 right: Hydraulic cylinders for movement of cables

Demonstration site FishProtector at WKA Leinau

On April 227th 2020 the "Vereinigte Wertach-Elekrizitätswerke GmbH" (VWEW, German engery supplier) decided to build a residual water power plant including a FishProtector as a fish guiding structure at the WKA Leinau. This should ensure an increased amount of water in the river as well as safe donwstream passage for fish.

The site will be completed autumn 2020 and is financially supported by the "Bayrische Landeskraftwerke GmbH" as part of a research funding. In early 2021 extensive biological functional test will be run.

HyFish  at RENEXPO 2019 in Salzburg

HyFish and the Team participated in the RENEXPO in Salzburg for the first time on the 28. and 29.11.2019.

 HyFish wins 1. place and audience prize at the Tyrol finale of the startup-competition Advenure X 2019


OTS  - HyFish Electric-Flexible-Fish-Fence for fish protection wins Tyrols adventure X 2019


Credit: Standortagentur Tirol
Credit: Standortagentur Tirol


HyFish wins 2. place at Neptun Wasserpreis 2019


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Video of nominated projects (HyFish from min 2:30):