Pilot Facilities

The general functionality of the FishProtector could be verified in physical model experiments as well as extensive ethohydraulic experiments in the field laboratory.


As a next step, the technical feasibility should be demonstrated by the implementation of a prototype at a pilot facility. Furthermore, additional investigations of the fish behaviour are planned at this site. Objective is to create boundary conditions as natural as possible for the ethohydraulic experiments and to conduct them in an interdisciplinary approach of different fields of study (hydrobiology, limnology, hydraulic engineering, steel construction).


fig. 1: FishProtector at a potential pilot site
fig. 1: FishProtector at a potential pilot site


We are currently looking for suitable pilot sites for the installation of further pilot facilities and associated investigations.

If you are interested in the implementation of the new system at your hydropower plant, please feel free to contact Mrs Dr. Barbara Brinkmeier.